TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Course)
ENPC (Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course)

TNCC/ENPC Classes in Pearland

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    TNCC/ENPC provider course – 2 full days combining didactic training with hands on skill stations.


    The TNCC course provides the emergency nurse with the knowledge and tools needed to prepare to care for trauma patients.

    The ENPC course provides core knowledge to take care of the sick or injured pediatric patient in an emergency setting.

    Both courses follow guidelines and standards developed by ENA, ACEP, AHA, and ACS.

    • RN participants with successful completion will receive the ENA TNCC/ENPC verification card valid for 4 years
    • All attendees will be awarded a contact hour certificate with appropriate contact hours

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    To help you study, here is a link for you to download a practice test

    To help you study for ENPC, here is a link for you to download a practice test

    Program requirements:

    Requirements for successful completion:
    • Sign in on attendance form
    • Attendance required during full educational session
    • Successful completion of the written exam with a minimum score of 80%
    • Successful performance of psychomotor skills with a minimum score of 70%
    • Completion and submission of the program evaluation form
    • Must have current edition book at least 30 days prior to coming to class. The books can be picked up at the Pearland office



    4201 Broadway St Pearland, TX 77581

    Must do the pre-course modules prior to coming to the class

    Once you are registered for the class, the course director will send you instructions on how to access the modules The pre-course modules for TNCC
    Topics Time
    Special Populations: Bariatric Trauma Patient 28.5 minutes
    Special Populations: Interpersonal Violence Patient 28 minutes
    Special Populations: Older Adult Trauma Patient 25.5 minutes
    Special Populations: Pregnant Trauma Patient 26 minutes
    Biomechanics, Kinematics, and Mechanisms of Injury 26.5 minutes
    Total minutes and designations 134.5 minutes
    The pre-course modules for ENPC
    Topics Time
    Pain 15 minutes
    Toxicological Emergencies 25 minutes
    Environmental Emergencies 20 minutes
    Optional: Stabilization and Transport 15 minutes
    Optional: Subcutaneous Hydration 6 minutes
    Total Minutes 81 minutes
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